16 Years of World Sleep Day

Each year, World Sleep Day is celebrated with a unique and focused theme. Participants around the world incorporate the theme into their activities and educational offerings. As we continue to raise awareness through the 2023 World Sleep Day theme, “Sleep is essential for health,” we look back on 16 years of success.

2008: Sleep well, live fully awake

2009: Drive alert, arrive safe

2010: Sleep well, stay healthy

2011: Sleep well, grow healthy

2012: Breathe easily, sleep well

2013: Good sleep, healthy aging

2014: Restful sleep, easy breathing, healthy body

2015: When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound

2016: Good sleep is a reachable dream

2017: Sleep soundly, nurture life

2018: Join the sleep world, preserve your rhythms to enjoy life

2019: Healthy sleep, healthy aging

2020: Better sleep, better life, better planet

2021: Regular sleep, healthy future

2022: Quality sleep, sound mind, happy world

2023: Sleep is essential for health


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